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Wired magazine has an article about 11 trailblazing electric vehicles (starting from 1899 onward.)

Here’s what they have to say about the Volt:

No, the Chevrolet Volt is not, strictly speaking, an electric vehicle. When the battery runs down, a small gasoline engine drives a generator to keep the electric motor running (and, in very specific circumstances, help turn the wheels). That makes it a plug-in hybrid, according to the Society of Automotive Engineers’ definition. But we’re not going to wade back into that debate.

Still, the Volt — which will go 25 to 50 miles entirely on electricity — earns a place on this list. It is a big step toward the electrification of the automobile by a company that, despite its recent difficulties, remains one of the largest automakers in the world.

GM was the first big company to step back into the EV space when it unveiled the Volt concept three years ago. It promised to bring the car to market in three years, then threw almost everything it had at the project — and damned if it didn’t pull it off.

You could argue that the gas assist is a cheat, but you also can argue it’s a bridge between the internal combustion cars of today and the battery-electric cars of tomorrow. It renders the issue of “range anxiety” moot, and does it with a car that is, quite frankly, very impressive.

Read the complete article and view the vehicles at:
11 Trailblazing Electric Vehicles

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