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eBike Bike Lights

eBike Bike Lights


These waterproof lights can be used with virtually any ebike setup. Unlike other systems, which require either an auxilliary 6V or 12V battery or a separate DC-DC converter, these units connect directly to the main ebike pack. Highlights include:

  • Efficient and Bright The lights provide significant illumination and visibility with minimal power draw.
  • Variable input voltage All of these lights are designed with an integrated DC-DC converter so that they can be plugged into any ebike battery pack, from 24V setups up to 72V or higher.
  • Robust Construction The light housing is a single block of epoxy, rather than thin shells of die-cast plastic.
  • Waterproof These lights are fully submersible. Prolonged water exposure means…nothig to fear.
  • Made in Canada These lights are both designed and manufactured by us here in Vancouver, Canada.


The moulded LED lights are designed so that they can be readily secured to the bike tubing with a pair of zip ties. The front light sits on top of the handlebar. The rear light is secured either to the seat post or rear rack.

Wiring the Power

These bike lights need to tap into your electric bicycle battery pack for power. A small amount of custom wiring is required to hook the light into the system. Instructions for a variety of methods will come with the lights.

Wiring Switches

The regular front and rear lights do not have a built in on/off control button, so you will want to wire up a switch in series with the power going to these lights, or terminate the leads with a connector that is easy to plug in and unplug. Again, this would be customized wiring.

Power from the Wheel

If you have a direct drive hub motor (Crystalyte, Nine Continent, Wilderness Energy etc.) the hub motor itself can act as a generator and power the lights up so that you aren’t riding in the dark.

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KTM to Make All-Electric Motorbike

KTM to Make All-Electric Motorbike

KTM set to make and all-electric motorbike

KTM set to make and all-electric motorbike

KTM has announced its plans to release an all-electric dirt bike into showrooms for 2010. Spec include a lithium-ion battery with an estimated range of 30-40 minutes race time. The bike will hit the scales at 198 pounds and the same torque of a two-stroke 250cc bike. Like other electric bikes it also runs silently which would make free-riding through the wilderness and exhilarating experience. KTM will join other manufacturers ZERO, Brammo and Quantya who are all releasing all electric motorbikes. Honda and Yamaha also have bikes in the pipeline for 2010.

Photo via Hell for Leather. See many more here.
Source: Wired

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