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Heavy Duty Electric Bike Towbar Rack

Heavy Duty Electric Bike Towbar Rack


Thule EuroPower 916

The Swedish company Thule has designed the Thule EuroPower 916 carrier to take the weight of two electric bikes.

It is their latest rear mount system, and can carry a maximum load of 60kgs. This means that it can carry quite a bit of weight — something most racks aren’t capable of doing.

There’s a foot-operated tilt mechanism, allowing the user to access to the boot of their car (that’d be the trunk, to our American audience!), and has detachable bike arms for easy loading.

The loading ramp is an optional accessory. For the older cyclist, it will ease the chore of wheeling the bikes on or off the rack.

Stnadard with the rack is the ability to lock the rack to the car and the bikes to the rack. Also, there is the one-hand fitting of the rack onto the towbar.

The Thule EuroPower 916 is expected to be available for purchase in March 2009.

Official Site: Thule Racks
Source: Bike Radar

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