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Portland’s First All-Electric Bike Store Opens

Portland’s First All-Electric Bike Store Opens


Portland, Oregon — A new store that specializes in electric bicycles opened officially on June 27, 2009. Its owner is Wakefield Greg.

The eBike Store is located at 201 N. Alberta Ave. It sells an array of electric bikes that can be charged in as few as 30 minutes. The store’s models include the Currie Trailz, a $600 seven-speed mountain bike that which travels between eight and 13 miles on one charge. The $3,000 Schwinn Tailwind also charges fully in less than 30 minutes with a removable charger.

The store also offere electric bike accessories and on-site services.

Oregon law defines electric bikes as bicycles rather than motor vehicles. The bikes are legal in bike lanes but illegal on sidewalks. Speed limit – 20 miles an hour.

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Fuel Costs Drive Electric Bikes

Fuel Costs Drive Electric Bikes


The sales of electric bikes have been skyrocketing around the world, for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons of course is the cost of gasoline. (And although the price is half what it was only several months ago, it has gradually started to creep up again…higher than most people want to pay.)

Rather than purchasing a new car (or even a new, used car!) consider purchasing an electric scooter or bike. There are many different models to choose from so it is a difficult individual who will not find one to their liking!

Take the popular Razor scooter, for example. They can go pretty fast, and have a unique brake system — all the driver has to do to stop is to step on the rear fender.

Practically every manufacturer has a different set of specs for their electric bike, so its necessary to compare the differents models to find the right ones.

For example, if you have young kids, there’s en ebike for him or her – the Junior Kiddie Kick, which will support a maximum weight of 45 pounds. As soon as a young child is ready to start biking, there’s one available.

The Razor Cruiser and t he Razor Pro are two scooters that can bear from 175 to 220 pounds. These are powered scooters that allow the user to perform stunts, as well as to travel long distances.

As far as the Razor is concerned, there’s currently no need to have insurance or license plates, or to register it. Users must wear a bike helmet , however, and are not allowed to operate on a public road with a speed limit of 25 mph or more unless it has a bike lane.

As far as bikes, they need to red reflectors which are visible from 500 feet away, and a headlight which is visible from 300 feet. The bike can’t operate in excess of 15 mph.

Bear in mind, however, that most states have their own individual laws concerning electric bikes so you need to check with your state and make sure you understand all that is required. (Stop in at your local DMV, or visit your state’s DMV website — they should have a list of laws there.)

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Electric Bike Laws Give You a Shock!

Electric Bike Laws Give You a Shock!

Find out if your bike and equipment meets local laws and regulations to avoid fines.

Find out if your bike and equipment meets local laws and regulations to avoid fines.

Countries like the United States, Canada and Australia all have different laws and regulations for the use of electric bikes. Within each state and province there can be even more variations making the it incredibly confusing. Check with your local authorities about conflicting laws and regulations. Electric bicycles have rules that require the use of proper safety gear such as helmets.

In many places electric bikes are not allowed to be ridden on the road as part of traffic. Check into this before you receive a fine. To ride on the road could obstruct traffic and cause an accident. It’s never worth it to break the rules where you live. If you are not able to ride your electric bike with traffic then you will have to seek out an alternative route since many bikes are also not allowed on sidewalks.

According to some places the laws are based on the amount of power that the bike puts out. If the engine runs at 200 watts or more then the bike may not be allowed on the road unless it is registered as a vehicle. This varies from state to state so don’t assume that it’s the same. You need to know for sure because driving without registration is a serious offense. Sometimes the law is based on speed limit or engine size. For example, if your electric bike reaches certain speeds you may be required to have it registered.

Many locations work in quite the opposite way. Many places will only allow electric bikes on sidewalks and biking paths. This can limit where you can use them so keep this in mind when considering the switch to an electric bike. If you can’t use the road then it may be more inconvenient that anything.

It’s important to note that an electric bike is nothing like a scooter or a motorbike. It does not have that kind of engine power or capacity. It is nothing more than a bicycle that has been equipped with electricity to power it. If you decide to make use of an electric bike, always be informed of the laws where you live. It’s not worth the risk or the trouble to go about uninformed. Electric bikes are still a confusing topic so ask officials for all legal information before you ride.

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