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Electric Bike Speeds the Commute

Electric Bike Speeds the Commute

Here are some thoughts from Rick after his first month of commuting with the Pietzo Milan electric bike. He writes:

“Much of my riding is along paved roads on my 6.5 mile commute to work and I’ve made this trip 4 times over the past week. The Pietzo Milan is well constructed, shifts easily, and can be handled as a normal mountain bike with easy removal of the front wheel. Although it is only available in a single frame size, it has sufficient adjustments to fit riders of different sizes including my 6ft/210 lb size. With the 700 watt electric boost as the bike starts off, it can easily start off in top gear. The controls have proven to be well thought out and implemented. High power is used for cruising at 20-25mph, Medium for bumpy roads, and Low for more crowded areas. The thumb control throttle is particularly useful for maneuvering on sidewalks at low speed with people and obstacles. It is very handy when crossing the road in traffic even when using a tall gear and with the pedals not positioned at the top of the power stroke.

One particularly interesting benefit occurred while I was out on a maiden voyage trying to kill the battery in order to determine the safe range for my riding style. After 25 miles of heavy power use I was still going strong as I approached one of the many local tour-de-France motivated riders, complete with spandex, racing shoes, and tires about 1⁄2 inch wide. As I caught up with this rider, I didn’t have the heart to pass him. It would have crushed his ego being passed by this slightly overweight old guy with blue jeans and sneakers on a mountain bike with groceries. I doubt he would have suspected my bike is electric powered, as the bike has only a slight whir easily mistaken for tire noise. He likely could beat my speed in a burst due to his tall gearing, but the relentless power of 350 watts would crush him in the long haul or especially on a long hill. Like my addiction to the power of hydrocarbon fuels, the extra boost from this powerful little motor does provide some satisfaction. In spite of the power assist, I still find that I am getting good exercise and am striving for many miles of safe riding with personal form improvements along the way.”

Stay tuned for the next post that will include some of Rick’s calculations about the Pietzo Milan electric bike power consumption relative to other motorized vehicles.

This post was originally made at ebikenews.com and is reprinted here with permission.

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