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Toshiba and Mitsubishi To Introduce Electric Cars

Toshiba and Mitsubishi To Introduce Electric Cars

Toshiba and Mitsubishi Motors have teamed up to work on battery systems for electric cars. Toshiba is hoping to see its lithium-ion battery technology deployed in upcoming plug-in cars from Mitsubishi, which plans to bring its electric i-MiEV model to the U.S. market in 2011.

In 2008, Toshiba signed the first supply agreement for its rapid-charge lithium-ion battery, the SCiB (Super Charge ion Battery), in a deal with Schwinn for electric bicycles. The company has now lined up customers for the SCiB in applications that include an electric motorcycle and a microgrid system.

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Toshiba Leaps From Laptops to Electric Cars

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Review The Schwinn Tailwind

Review The Schwinn Tailwind


The Tailwind is Schwinn’s new electric bike. It has been available for a few months. The Tailwnd has been described as “retro” and “hulking”. It weights 58 pounds, and has a Toshiba SCiB Quick Charge Plug n’ Drive battery in panniers on the back, which last for about 30 minutes.

The Tailwind costs $3,200.


This bike has a Schwinn City-Tuned 6000 series aluminum alloy frame. This puts the rider in an upright riding position. The bike also has a Shimano Nexus 8-speed internal geared hub and rear roller brake, alloy rims, full fenders, a chain cover, wheel lock, and a B+M dynamo powered light set.


A non-electric, “average” bike weighs about 35 pounds, the Tailwind weighs 58 pounds (which is actually low for an electric bike.) It comes with a standard residential 8.4 amp charger which plugs into the battery and a wall outlet, and the bike gets a full charge in about 30 minutes (there’s also a 40 amp commercial charger that will have you moving in less than 10). Thus, the Schwinn’s battery charges up about as fast as its contemporaries on the market, and is actually much faster than many.



Source: Engadget

Looks and Specifications

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