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Electric Bike Manufacturers: Japan

Electric Bike Manufacturers: Japan


Electric bikes, like most “green” innovations, got a slow start and have gradually been picking up speed, with more and more companies getting into the act.

These companies can be small, garage-based, producing limited edition bikes to a select clientele, or they can be new divisions from the old standby bike manufacturers.

Here’s an overview of two of the main electric bike manufacturers  headquarted in Japan:

Sanyo Electric Company

Sanyo’s line is the Eneloop. There are 16 models, all without a top tube, to make it easy for women to mount and dismount.  Prices range from 136,290 yen to 91,140 yen.

Bridgestone Cycle Company

Bridgestone’s line consists of the Albelt,  a motor-assisted bike for kids to use for school commuting, and the Assista Stila L, for the average bike rider.

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