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The Importance of E-bike Popularity in China

The Importance of E-bike Popularity in China

The New Yorker magazine recently published a letter from a reader in China, who said:

In the chaotic ecosystem of Chinese roadways, the electric bike fits in right where the infernal moped might have once hoped to go, as a stepping stone for growing families or a low-cost option for commuters.

For anyone who has not been to China, it is easy to lose sight of just how big a deal this is: China has twenty-five million cars, but it has four times as many e-bikes. It is hard to overstate the impact of that when you wonder how China could possibly continue down the path to car-saturation. (Consider: Were China to end up with the same density of cars as that of the U.S. today, it would mean nine hundred and seventy million cars in China—fifty per cent more than the entire worldwide car fleet in 2003.)

To read the complete letter, check out Join the Turtle King Revolution.

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Man Rides Across Canada on Electric Bike

Man Rides Across Canada on Electric Bike


Lynden, Canada — Shane Hansen will be riding an electric bike (e-bike) on a cross-country tour from Hamilton to Vancouver. Hansen, a Lynden area resident, recently laid off, decided to do a Green Ride for Cancer, inspired by his 33-year-old wife’s recent bout with cancer in which she had to have a hysterectomy.

“That’s a big part of my motivation for this trip,” Hansen said. His goal is to raise $100,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society.

Hansen is 38 and 6’6”. He plans to cycle 10 hours a day, and estimates that he’ll cover about 200 kilometres every 24 hours. His plan is to complete the ride by mid-August.

Hansen has owned an electric bike for about a year. A Toronto-based company, Electro Wheels, has stepped up as his major sponsor and will provide a brand new bike for his trip.

The Green Ride will start at the Cancer Society’s Hamilton Mountain office on Wednesday (July 15). After a send-off from Electro Wheels, he’ll be on his way.

Electro Wheels spokesperson Jeff Brown said personal electric vehicles (PEVs) are growing in popularity. The  power-assisted  bikes  are  eco-friendly  and  approved for travel on streets and roadways, except for the 400-series highways. On average, they weigh about 175 pounds. Their legal speed limit is 32 kph or 20 mph.

“Electro Wheels was kind enough to jump on this (as a sponsor),” he said, adding that he hopes other local businesses will come on board as well. He needs sponsors to help with his food and lodging along the way and he’s also hoping that someone will donate a driver and a flag vehicle or pace car—“hopefully, a hybrid”— to accompany him.

Anyone wanting to help is asked to contact him by e-mail at jake.Kenya@hotmail.com or phone 519-647-0476.

Hansen will be pulling a small trailer behind his e-bike with banners bearing the logos of the Cancer Society, Electro Wheels and any other sponsors he picks up before the trip or along the way.To follow his progress, search under “Electrowheels” on Facebook or Twitter.

If you’d like to learn about promotions or contests connected with the trip, visit the company’s website at www.electro-wheels.com.

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