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Zero S and Brammo Enertia Hit the Streets

Zero S and Brammo Enertia Hit the Streets


Portland, Oregon — The Brammo Enertia electric motorcycle officially went on sale at a Best Buy store in Portland, Oregon on July 12, 2009, and the Zero S Electric Motorcycle is shortly to be available as well.

The Zero S is easy to handle and comparable to a 250cc. It weighs 225 pounds, and 80 pounds of that is the battery. The suspension because is solid. “Its configuration is what’s called a supermoto style. It’s got very long travel suspension, and our idea there is for an urban motorcycle you may need to climb stairs or jump curbs. It’s got the kind of suspension that can handle that kind of rough riding,” says Zero’s CEO Gene Banman.

The zero-emission, electric motorcycle charges off of a 110V plug for four hours, or about 50 miles of driving. “This type of battery loves being topped off. There’s no memory in the battery so the more you keep it charged the better.” points out Banman.

According to Zero’s CEO: “The advantages of electric: You don’t have oil changes or tune ups–basically no service required on the drive train at all. It’s very inexpensive to run, about a penny a mile. And the motor and the battery last the life of the motorcycle. So we think having multiple players in the market is good for everybody. Their bike is built to a different configuration than ours so it’ll appeal to a different kind of customer.”

The Zero S sells for $9,950 with a 10% tax credit, which brings the price to about $8,950. It can be ordered directly from the Zero S Web site or by phone, with a shipping charge of $500. Visit a local representative to take the S for a test drive before purchase.

Source: Fast Company

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Portland’s First All-Electric Bike Store Opens

Portland’s First All-Electric Bike Store Opens


Portland, Oregon — A new store that specializes in electric bicycles opened officially on June 27, 2009. Its owner is Wakefield Greg.

The eBike Store is located at 201 N. Alberta Ave. It sells an array of electric bikes that can be charged in as few as 30 minutes. The store’s models include the Currie Trailz, a $600 seven-speed mountain bike that which travels between eight and 13 miles on one charge. The $3,000 Schwinn Tailwind also charges fully in less than 30 minutes with a removable charger.

The store also offere electric bike accessories and on-site services.

Oregon law defines electric bikes as bicycles rather than motor vehicles. The bikes are legal in bike lanes but illegal on sidewalks. Speed limit – 20 miles an hour.

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Introducing Portland’s eBike Store

Introducing Portland’s eBike Store


{Portland, Oregon — Wake Gregg has recently opened Portland’s first all-electric bicycle store, The eBike Store (201 N. Alberta).

“There are a lot of people who would commute by bike…they just need a little boost.”
– Wake Gregg, owner of The eBike Store

According to his wife Ivy (who works at Columbia Sportswear but also helps run the new store), Wake has always had a passion for bicycles, and he’s an, “entrepreneur to his toes”. Those two things combined in a lightbulb moment for Wake during a 12 week trip to Beijing, China last year. As part of an international business course at George Fox University (where he’s working toward an MBA), Wake fell in love with electric bikes..

But when he returned to the states, Wake realized that Americans haven’t caught the e-bike wave. Why not? One big reason, he says, is that they haven’t been marketed properly. The bikes themselves are not readily available.

According to Wake, the idea of going 15-35 miles on about 3 cents of electricity, while also getting a bit of exercise, seemed like a no-brainer. Wake also believes there are a lot of people who would commute by bike but who choose not to because of just one big hill, a health issue, or they just “need a little boost”.

Convinced that he wanted to create a business, his first idea was to import the bikes from China. When that didn’t pan out, he thought he’d become a sales rep. But as he continued to research he realized the market was still only in its infancy. “These bikes are a completely new concept to consumers,” he said, “and at most traditional bike shops they’re mocked.”

Wake was referring to a problem with e-bikes that might be similar to that of recumbents — they’re not considered “real” bikes by most enthusiasts and bike shops employees, so anyone inquiring about them might not get the warmest, or most knowledgeable, reception.

Wake thus saw a major opportunity to create an all e-bike store, carrying a wide selection of models from top brands, in a comfortable and supportive retail environment.

Thanks to a partnership with the oldest e-bike store in the U.S. — Seattle-based Electric Bikes Northwest — Wake was able to open The eBike Store. Currently, his shop features a range of models from the eZee brand (others will be arriving soon), an assortment of accessories and — in order to give customers as much time to learn about the bikes as possible — plush leather coaches and complimentary coffee drinks.

Globally, electric bike sales are growing at a rapid pace. In the U.S., only 20,000 were sold last year. Despite that small number of U.S. sales, there’s definitely momentum in the market. The May 2009 issue of Bicycling Magazine has a feature article about e-bikes. They reported that e-bike sales are up 60% in the U.S. and concluded that, “maybe it’s time to stop hating on e-bikes…for better or for worse, the e-bike is on the rise.”

How do Oregon statutes treat electric bikes? There are four main laws to keep in mind:

  • You can’t go above 20 mph unassisted;
  • they are illegal on sidewalks;
  • operators must be over 16 years of age;
  • and they are legal on bike lanes and bike paths.

– The eBike Store is located at 201 N. Alberta and is open Wednesday through Friday from 10 – 6:30, Saturdays from 10-5:00 and by appointment on Tuesdays (they’re closed Sunday and Monday).

Read more about the bikes they carry on ElectricBikesNW.com

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