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Introducing Ford’s E-Bike

Introducing Ford’s E-Bike

EV World had an artilce on the new electric bike put out by Ford.

An electric bicycle, by Ford Motor Company, shown at a major car show? Why would Ford build an electric bike?

Well, the first answer that comes to mind is: why not? After all, 900,000 bicycles with electric assistance were sold just in Europe last year, with a strong upward trend.

EV World has already reported on the basic facts of Ford’s e-bike project.

But we wanted to know more about Ford’s motivation, and what plans may be in store for the future. After all, Ford’s e-bike is a quite gorgeous, desirable machine — all the more impressive given that it is Ford’s first effort in this field.

To read the complete article:
Ford’s Electric Bicycle?

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Paris Will Host Both E-car and E-cycle Races in 2010

Paris Will Host Both E-car and E-cycle Races in 2010

The city of Levallois (Borough of Paris) will host the June 4, 5 and 6, 2010 GP-Elec event, the first electric car and electric motorcycle event in Paris.

The race and the week-end event is taking place in Levallois-Perret. The track borders Neuilly and the Seine, with VIP hospitality located on the Ile De La Grande Jatte, opposite the Quai Michelet, between the Passerelle and the Pont de Levallois.

The novelty and the scale of this exciting new sporting event, which is designed to appeal to the public at large, will present a unique race programme and a variety of recreational activities.

Azhar Hussain, Founder and CEO of eGrandPrix, said, “We are tremendously proud to partner with the city of Levallois in Paris and GP-Elec to deliver an event that will be a milestone in history as we transcend to the next generation of technologies and racing. The French have a heritage of innovation and technology, and it is appropriate and fitting that they have been the most imaginative in helping deliver such an important event at such a crucial ecological moment in human history.”

The EMXGP – The eGrandPrix is the World’s first all-electric sanctioned car race.

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Innovative GreenWheel From MIT

Innovative GreenWheel From MIT


Ever heard of the GreenWheel? That’s what scientists at MIT are calling a new power generation, storage and propulsion system – that will turn any pedal bicycle into an electric bike.

According to one of its designers, Ryan Chin: “Just take the wheel off, put a GreenWheel equipped wheel on in its place, plug it in and it should work just fine. The whole thing has been designed so all the parts except the throttle are enclosed in the wheel.”

Other electric bike converter kits can cost up to $1,200, and usually have heavy and environmentally destructive lead-cased batteries. Not only that, owners have to run wires to and from the motor to the battery to the handlebar throttle. With the Greenwheel, batteries, generator and motor are all one part and are connected to the throttle by Bluetooth technology, making installation easy. (Well, easier. At the moment a skilled bike mechanic will probably have to do it).

A bike powered by a single GreenWheel has an estimated range of 25 miles. By pedaling the bike as well, the user will double the range. (At normal speeds. Going at 30 miles an hour – it’s top speed, will use up the battery pretty quickly). The battery is charged either by pedaling or by plugging it into the electric grid.

The MIT team still has the GreenWheel under development. Once the “optimal configuration” of power, speed and cost is determined, large scale production will begin.

The GreenWheel already has the potential to become really, really big. Officials in Copenhagen and South Africa want them for 2010 – as they’re expecting an influx of millions of visitors for the 2010 World Cup (soccer), and want to have a shared bicycle program in place (similar to the one already successfully being used in Paris) before that occurs.

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