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Will Ebikes Eventually Be Banned?

Will Ebikes Eventually Be Banned?

That’s the question that Treehugger.com posed a while ago. They took as their example the controversy going on in China, but it could equally well apply to any city that obtains a large e-bike population.

According to Treehugger, there’s a “downside” to e-bikes. The extra speed, power, and amazingly varied form factor in e-bikes is exacerbating some concerns – pollution as well as safety issues.

As more and more speedy, motor-driven bikes take over the pedestrian lanes (because, since they are classified as bikes and not motor scooters, they can use them) more and more pedestrians are complaining.

Many people are switching to ebikes in an effort to “go green,” but as with everything done in this area, there is always what is known as the “pollution paradox.”

Because the lead batteries currently used in ebikes cause pollution, too. Not in their emissions, of course, there are none, but in their disposal and in their manufacture.

Read more at Should E-Bikes Be Banned? 4 Lessons From Asia’s E-Bike Craze.

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