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Ecology Concerns & Gas Prices Drive Electric Bike Sales

Ecology Concerns & Gas Prices Drive Electric Bike Sales


Ontario, Canada – The cost of a barrel of oil is rising at a steady rate — at the time of this writing it is over $60 US. Commodity experts are predicting that the price of oil – and thus of gasoline, will continue to rise.

For a variety of reasons, “green” is in these days. People’s behavior is being changed via legislation. For example, the provincial Green Energy Act will affect everybody… it’s going to be the new way of life whether people want it or not.

Ontario passed legislation in April making electrick bicycles legal. Because the bikes don’t require driver’s licences or insurance (yet – wait until the first e-bike/pedestrian accident) they are growing in popularity.

“More families are going down to one car,” Mike Daley, proprietor of ERides Canada on Townline Rd and a dealer of Volt Canada electric bikes, commented. “Fifty per cent of trips are around three kilometres each. People are looking for alternative transportation and they are turning to electric bikes.”

Ray Hunt, who runs the Scoot-A-Long electric bike dealerships, has been in the field for seven years. He says the sales of his bikes-which have a price range of around $1,000 to as high as $3,500-have increased 40 per cent this year.

Scoot-A-Long’s territory stretches from Orangeville west to Kitchener-Waterloo and north to the Owen Sound area. He has also franchised the operation to locations in Windsor and Wasaga Beach.

As e-bike technology evolves, the bicycles will gradually get cheapter, and the battery life will improve. Lithium batteries, while more expensive than lead acid batteries, make the bikes lighter and lessen the charging time by up to two hours. LIthium batteries also last longer than lead batteries.

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