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Ottawa: New Rules for E-bikes” on the Capital Pathway Network

Ottawa: New Rules for E-bikes” on the Capital Pathway Network

This is a press release from Ottawa Start:

The general rules for ebikes on the Capital Pathway Network are:

1. Electric bikes that physically resemble conventional bikes are permitted on the NCC’s Capital Pathway Network.

2. All electric bikes, including scooter-type, are permitted on dedicated NCC bike lanes (as opposed to the multi-use recreational pathways, the Capital Pathway Network).

3. Scooter-type power-assisted bikes are prohibited on the NCC’s Capital Pathway Network as well as during Sunday Bikedays and Saturday Short Loops programs. Very often, the electric bike with a non-conventional appearance is much heavier than a conventional-type electric bicycle and therefore poses greater risks to safety in the event of a collision.

4. In Gatineau Park, all electric bikes are prohibited on the 90 kilometres of natural surface trails intended for hiking and mountain biking.

5. Rules for electric bikes do not apply to motorized mobility aids such as wheelchairs, three-wheel electric scooters and four-wheel electric scooters.

The NCC developed the new rules following consultations with the public, the City of Ottawa and Ville de Gatineau, local interest groups, public sector employees from other Canadian cities (Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal) as well as specialized cycling agencies.

In its Environmental Strategy, the NCC has committed to promoting alternative, ecological and sustainable modes of transportation. The NCC encourages active mobility by allowing the presence of electric bikes that require some muscular power on its pathways and promotes sustainable mobility by permitting the use of electric bikes that do not require muscular power on its bike lanes.

Read the press release at:
New rules for electric bikes (“e-bikes”) on the Capital Pathway Network

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Ottawa Ponders Partial EBike Ban

Ottawa Ponders Partial EBike Ban

Certain types of electric bicycles may be banned from National Capital Commission pathways across the city of Ottawa if proposed new rules regarding their use are approved this summer.

The rules would prohibit electric-powered vehicles on pathways with exception to power assisted bicycles that are physically similar to conventional bicycles.

“The overall aim for these measures is to promote user safety as speed continues to be an issue of concern,” said NCC land manager Jean Charbonneau.

Read the complete article at:
NCC ponders partial electric bike ban

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