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Police To Start Using Electric Motorcycles

Police To Start Using Electric Motorcycles

Electric-motorcycle maker Zero Motorcycles has launched a line of 2012 Zero DS bikes designed specifically for police patrols and security agencies. The company says it has been working with security agencies for two years, and this bike is the fruit of that labor.

The Zero DS comes in 6-kilowatt-hour or 9 kilowatt-hour configurations and is rated by the EPA at 70 or 112 miles on a single charge. It has a top speed of 80 mph and features regenerative braking to recoup energy during deceleration.

Charge time varies but a on a standard outlet it should take about 8-9 hours, with the quick-charge kit it takes half that time. It’s rated to 3,000 complete charges before the battery can be recharged only to 80 percent capacity.

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Zero Motorcycles launches a line of police-grade electric bikes

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TTX01 Tested at Zolder Circuit in Belgium

TTX01 Tested at Zolder Circuit in Belgium


Isle of Man (May 12, 2009) — Istle of Man TTXGP motorcycle green grand prix founder Azhar Hussain Hussain test-rode its e-cycle, the TTX01, at the Zolder circuit in Belgium (an undulating 4.011 km (2.492-mile) track), where pro riders Werner Daemen (in photo) and Didier de Radigues test rode it. Daemen rides for Team BMW Motorrad and Radigues is a four time grand prix winner.

The TTX01 is a prototype of a bike Hussain hopes to start selling in 2010. He took a Suzuki GSX-R750 frame and outfitted it with air-cooled Agni Lynch electric motors and a 4.3 kilowatt-hour battery pack.



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TTX01 GP Electric Motorcycle

TTX01 GP Electric Motorcycle


British entrepreneur Azhar Hussain has developed an all-electric race-ready motorcycle capable of acceleration and speed. His creation is going to be on display at the zero-emissions alt-fuel <em>grand prix</em> he’s hosting in June, 2009, on the Isle of Man.

It’s Hussain’s intent to show people – in particular race people – that “electric can be fast.”

Hussain is hoping to have his electric, and fast, motorcycle next year, for sale next year. It’s going to cost about $30,000, at present estimates, but Hussain believes that the next generation of motor sports enthusiasts will embrace it. Not only will it eat up the track, but it will also be street legal.

Several start up companies have been developing electric two-wheelers such as scooters, or commuter bike, now Honda and KTM are getting into the act with an item a bit more powerful…a full-blown electric motorcycle, and Hussain is right on their heels.

As far as Hussain’s creation is concerned, the prototype started out with the frame of a 2000 Suzuki GSX-R 750. They replaced the engine, transmission and radiator with a pair of air-cooled Agni Lynch electric motors. Each has a continuous output of 20 kilowatts (about 27 horsepower) and a maximum of 40 kilowatts.

The power comes from a 4.3 kilowatt-hour battery pack made by LifeBatt. It’s good for 3,000 cycles and recharges in three hours. Range is 20 to 40 miles, depending upon how hard you’re riding. Hussain says the TTX01 will do about 30 miles at 100 mph. (Since the main aim for his bike is racing, he’s working on a “hot-swappable” battery system to allow the racer to get back onto the track fast after those 30 miles!)

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