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ROBRADY Design Earns Two 2009 Green GOOD DESIGN™ Awards

ROBRADY Design Earns Two 2009 Green GOOD DESIGN™ Awards

Honda Vectrix Superbike

Honda Vectrix Superbike

Sarasota, FL – ROBRADY has been awarded two 2009 Green GOOD DESIGN™ Awards, for the Vectrix Electric Super Bike and Vectrix VX-1 Electric Maxi Scooter.

The two vehicles are currently featured at the European exhibition at Contemporary Space Athens which opened July 1, 2009 in Athens, Greece.

Vectrix Electric Super Bike

The Green GOOD DESIGN™ award is a specialized edition of the GOOD DESIGN™ program — which was founded in Chicago in 1950. The award emphasizes the importance of sustainable design and develops a public awareness program to the international general public about which companies are doing the best job in sustainable design for our world environments.

The Green GOOD DESIGN™ 2009 recipients represent the world’s most important manufacturers and design firms and leading FORTUNE 500 corporations that are forwarding a new emphasis on a more sustainable design and environment worldwide.

ROBRADY design is a multi-disciplined product design and development studio. It has a multinational client base — including General Electric, Mercedes-Benz, Dell Computers, Parker Hannifin, AT&T, Merial and Volvo Penta.

They offer progressive industrial design, mechanical design and engineering, graphics /packaging / GUI / web and eCommerce design, market research, brand and retail development, complete rapid prototyping and production program management.

ROBRADY design stresses comprehensive speed-to-market product solutions by collaborating to identify the greatest areas of opportunity and producing innovative designs to deliver profitable product solutions.

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The E+ Advanced Electric Bike Design

The E+ Advanced Electric Bike Design


Now that electrically assisted bikes have been around for a while, and are starting to account for a bit of market share, technology designers are really making a run at coming up with some innovative designs.

It’s all about the look of the bike. Clunky is out, sleek and fast-looking are in.

The problem of the motor has long been solved – hub motors are mounted within the bike frame, either in the front or rear wheel.

But what about the batteries? That continues to provide an aesthetic concern for potential buyers.

Electric Motion Systems have instituted their solution. They’ve combined a 750 watt rear wheel mounted hub motor with built-in motor drive electronics, with a battery pack mounted in the front wheel hub.

Their E+ Electric Bike is available in six styles – all a variation on a hard-tail mountain bike.

The E+ comes standard with a 750 watt BLDC rear hub motor. (A high torque 85 Nm 1kw hub motor will be an upgrade option.)

The front hub mounted battery pack is something innovative – it’s never been done before, as a matter of fact. Thirty NiMH battery cells are arranged in six groups of five cells arranged in a polygon layout parallel to the axle and mounted on the stator. The battery pack puts out 36 volts at 9 amp hour giving a battery capacity of 324 watt hour. (0.324kw/hr). A full charge from a 110v wall socket will take four to six hours and cost about $0.03.

The E+ has a handlbar mounted LCD display. The rider can select 19 different cycling modes, ranging from full electric to pedal only modes. It also shows speed, distance traveled, battery capacity, and cruise control option, as well as trip-specific data such as distance of trip, duration, and average speeds.

The display is pocket sized and easily removed. When the display is removed, the battery is disabled and it becomes virtually impossible to pedal the bike – a nice theft-proof feature.

The Electric Motion Systems E+ Cruiser and E+ Mountain Bike cost USD$3,495.

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