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Time Trials Xtreme Grand Prix – TTXGP

Time Trials Xtreme Grand Prix – TTXGP


Kingston electric TT bike nears completion

The Isle of Man hosts the most famous road race for motorcycles in the world. Indeed, teams from all over the world compete in Time Trials Grand Prix, or TTXGP as it is known.

The 2009 version, to be held on June 12, is being hailed as the first “zero emissions” Grand Prix. The motorcycles involved will be electric, not gasoline powered.

A team of six final-year students, currently studying for a BEng in Motorcycle Engineering Design at Kingston University (England), are developing their own entry.

The design specification is for a motorcycle that will average 80mph around the 38 mile track. That’s thirty-eight miles with the cycles going at top speeds.

The Kingston group currently are working with a ‘mule’ bike, from which they are evaluating the innovative design solutions and theoretical calculations they’ve made for their offering.

The “fastest woman around the Isle of Man circuit,” Maria Costello has signed up to ride their bike, as she intends to be the one to win this landmark race!

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