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The Future of Hybrid Bicycles is Here

The Future of Hybrid Bicycles is Here


Denver, Colorado – Bicycle manufacturer Giant has introduced their Twist Freedom DX hybrid bicycle.

Most electric bicycles are heavy – you’re tooling around with a battery and a motor – and if you try to pedal up even a slight incline, the average rider can find this difficult.

The Giant Twist Freedom DX is a pedelec. This means the motor doesn’t provide any power unless the operator is actually pedaling. However, the motor does provide enough power to get you up those hills without over-exerting yourself.

Read more about the Twists Freedom at Examiner.com.

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Japan Embracing Hybrid Bicycles

Japan Embracing Hybrid Bicycles


Japan - Japan’s greying population is embracing the motor-assisted “hybrid” bicycle. Well, other segments of the population are as well, of course, as the growing interest in the green movement is taking hold, and more and more people are searching for helathy exericise options.

Yamaha Motor offers test events where media can test ride their bikes. No need to bring toddlers along, riders can zoom up hills using one or two 10-kg tanks of water to simulate children.

Japanese hybrid bikes require no license, because the motor switches off once the bicycle reaches the 24 km/hour legal limit for assisted riding.

Read the complete article at Reuters: Raw Japan.

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