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eBike Bike Lights

eBike Bike Lights


These waterproof lights can be used with virtually any ebike setup. Unlike other systems, which require either an auxilliary 6V or 12V battery or a separate DC-DC converter, these units connect directly to the main ebike pack. Highlights include:

  • Efficient and Bright The lights provide significant illumination and visibility with minimal power draw.
  • Variable input voltage All of these lights are designed with an integrated DC-DC converter so that they can be plugged into any ebike battery pack, from 24V setups up to 72V or higher.
  • Robust Construction The light housing is a single block of epoxy, rather than thin shells of die-cast plastic.
  • Waterproof These lights are fully submersible. Prolonged water exposure means…nothig to fear.
  • Made in Canada These lights are both designed and manufactured by us here in Vancouver, Canada.


The moulded LED lights are designed so that they can be readily secured to the bike tubing with a pair of zip ties. The front light sits on top of the handlebar. The rear light is secured either to the seat post or rear rack.

Wiring the Power

These bike lights need to tap into your electric bicycle battery pack for power. A small amount of custom wiring is required to hook the light into the system. Instructions for a variety of methods will come with the lights.

Wiring Switches

The regular front and rear lights do not have a built in on/off control button, so you will want to wire up a switch in series with the power going to these lights, or terminate the leads with a connector that is easy to plug in and unplug. Again, this would be customized wiring.

Power from the Wheel

If you have a direct drive hub motor (Crystalyte, Nine Continent, Wilderness Energy etc.) the hub motor itself can act as a generator and power the lights up so that you aren’t riding in the dark.

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Purdue University and its Electric Tricycle

Purdue University and its Electric Tricycle


WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Athula Kulatunga, who is an associate professor of electrical engineering technology at Purdue University, has turned a tricycle into an electric powered, energy-testing machine, which he intends to use to help develop new technologies for green vehicles.

With the financial support of General Motors , Kulatunga has built a plug-in electric bicycle which is used as a learning platform for power electronics and applied research on controllers, charging devices, battery configurations and motor drives.

Kulatunga’s tricycle features a reclining seat, pedals in the front and handlebars on the side for steering. Kulatunga doesn’t believe the general public would be willing to ride it as is – it’s being used to conduct research only. The trike is powered by electric charge and can be ridden on its own or connected to a data-collection test stand, where researchers analyzes power usage and efficiency.

Kulatunga is assisted by graduate students Sandun Kuruppu and Jeremiah Dole, and undergraduates Robert Murphy, Fred Chou and Ryan Pickens.

The trike can travel up to 35 or 40 mph, because of its low center of gravity, and handles corners and turning easily. It’s run by a brushless DC motor attached to the back wheels,and powered bylead-acid batteries, located underneath the bike.

The trike is extremely energy efficient, because it is equipped with ultracapacitors, which help to capture energy that would typically be lost during such actions as braking.

An ultracapacitor “smooths out” and absorbs much of the energy, which can then be transferred to power the vehicle,” Kulatunga said. “If perfected, ultracapacitors can extend the driving distance of batteries.”

Kulatunga said further modifications to the tricycle will be made periodically as he and his students conduct further research.

Purdue’s International Rectifier Power Electronics Development and Application Lab, known as IR-PEDAL, which focuses on energy-efficiency-related applied research in three main areas: motion controls, power conversions and audio amplifiers, built the tricycle.

Current projects in the lab include working with American Electric Power to study how large power transmission fuses and capacitors behave and why they fail, developing devices to detect and communicate the failing components in the power grid, and research on how to improve the efficiency of brushless, electronically controlled DC motors that could eventually replace mechanically controlled motors.

Source: Purdue University

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Ohm’s Range of Electric Bikes

Ohm’s Range of Electric Bikes


OHM Cycles, a bike company based in Vancouver, Canada, announced on February 28, 2009 its next generation of hybrid electric-assist bicycles for 2009.

Four power packs are now available, each one designed to offer optimum power and range for every rider. According to OHM Cycles President Michael DeVisser, “The OHM Urban and Sport hybrid bicycles are a comprehensive solution for eco-friendly mobility.”.

The OHM hybrid e-bikes, which combine BionX drive technology with a Molicel Rechargeable Li-ion cell battery pack, are the first electric bicycles purpose-built for the North American market.

OHM Cycles can be ridden as a conventional bicycle ,or with pedal assist from the intelligent drive system. They have a center-mounted power pack which provides better balance and weight distribution and maintains a standard wheelbase. Because of its ightweight components and a customized power system, OHM “will send you racing up hills and around the city, with ease.”

For 2009, new features have been added:

  • 4 Power packs available – 25 to 70 miles per charge with custom OHM Quick Connect system to easily remove and recharge
  • Fast Recharge – 90% capacity in 20 minutes, fully charge in 3 hours, charge over 500 times without loss of capacity
  • Intelligent Sensor – Patented BionX torque sensor automatically responds to the way the rider pedals and provides a smooth natural sensation
  • Suntour Suspension seat post for a more comfortable ride
  • Adjustable stem and handlebars to customize riding position
  • Topeak rear carry rack with QuickTrack™ MTX

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GTX Electric Bike

GTX Electric Bike


The top speed of the Rietti GTX Electric Bike is 20 miles per hour, thanks to its 180W brushless motor, but you’ll certainly look like you’re going faster, because the lines on this bike are sleek, classy, and aerodynamic.

Check your speed, battery and headlights from the convenient instrument panel located on the handlebar. You’ve got the great safety features of dual headlights, brake lights and turn signals.

In addition to those safety features, the GTX is just powerfully built, with an ABS shell (ABS is a very strong plastic: Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), forged Vulcanite long life steel frame and Triton 22 inch cast iron wheels.

The Rietti can take you on trips up to 30 miles, on its TA 24 V battery. Recharging takes just 6 hours.

Source: ScooteringUSA

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