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The Mission One Will Compete In The TTXGP

The Mission One Will Compete In The TTXGP

FIM announced recently the launch of the e-Power International Series, to compete with the TTXGP. Mission Motors has contractually committed to exclusively race with TTXGP, however.

TTXGP North America Director Jeremy Burne said, “With teams of this calibre, we can really look forward to a 2010 series which will not only test riders and machines to their utmost but also position TTXGP as a world leader in the promotion of electric motorsports.” The gloves are off.

Mission Motors was one of the original competitors of the Isle of Mann TTXGP in June, 2009. They offered the first production electric super bike –only 50 will be made– of the Mission One. Based on the fourth place finisher of the TTXGP and holder of the electric land speed record, the Mission One’s jaw-dropping gas-powered like performance is rivaled only by its uber-exclusive price tag of $69,000.

Read the complete article at:
Mission Motors Commits To Motorcycle Green Grand Prix

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Swigz Planning To Develop and Race Electric Motorcycle

Swigz Planning To Develop and Race Electric Motorcycle

ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA. November 7, 2009 — SWIGZ.COM Pro Racing announced today that the team will field an entry for American rider Chip Yates to contest the TTXGP US Championship 2010 and also the TTXGP UK Championship 2010 as well as other FIM international and U.S.A. races yet to be announced.

SWIGZ.COM Pro Racing has recently retained a program manager, several engineers and a 3D CAD designer from the helicopter and unmanned aircraft industries who are experienced in lightweight yet powerful electric drivetrains and advanced control systems. Additional staff and consultants will be required when the team plans to begin operations in the U.K. in the second quarter of 2010.

CHIP YATES: “My wife Julie and I are very excited to move part of the team to the U.K. to take on the best and brightest in this exciting race to develop high performance TTXGP superbikes. With Julie’s parents both being British, getting dual citizenship is a simple process that’s already moving forward and we’re also studying shop locations around London as well as tax incentives and available green investment funding before we make the final decision.”

Phase one of the development program is currently underway in the U.S.A. at SWIGZ.COM racing facilities in Orange County, California and will result in a fully functional racebike early in the first quarter of 2010. Phase two is scheduled to take place in the U.K. beginning in the second quarter of 2010 when a portion of the team plans to relocate and create a European base of operations to build duplicate backup bikes and to provide all FIM and ACU race support and logistics functions for TTXGP racing as well as for several wildcard rides in FIM Word Supersport.

As a mechanical engineer with a master’s degree in business, rider Chip Yates is contributing to the development effort and is also keen to protect and leverage the intellectual property arising from the teamâ’s electric drivetrain, kinetic energy recovery systems (KERS) and control solutions in order to provide a path for financial return to the program’s “green” investors and stakeholders. Before turning pro, Yates was a Boeing executive in charge of transitioning advanced aerospace technology and patents to other industries such as automotive for racing and OEM applications. He personally holds 7 U.S. patents on automotive drivetrain and other technologies including inventions used in Gil de Ferran’s IndyCar program and on 1999 and newer Jeep Grand Cherokees.

CHIP YATES: “This superbike program requires a much different approach from electric vehicles we’ve seen especially as it relates to weight and range. Our engineering strategy is to optimize the power, weight and range of the bike specifically around target laptimes for the tracks we will be competing on in the U.K., Europe, and in the U.S.A. Given the relatively short race distances, our simulations show us exactly what battery capacity and motor performance is needed to turn laptimes competitive to a 600cc internal combustion powered racebike. We understand and embrace the technical challenges and are prepared to do heavy lifting to advance the state of the art to meet our expectations for a legitimate lightweight and exciting superbike.”

The team is working on an updated Website to be launched soon that will feature regular program news and updates as well as exciting videos from Chip’s testing of the new bike and from his 2009 on-board footage of AMA and FIM World Supersport races at www.chipyates.com

Companies or principals interested in participating in this unique, world level opportunity should contact: racing@swigz.com.

Early Sponsors of Chip’s Electric Superbike Program Include: SWIGZ.COM Dual Hydration System (www.swigz.com), Ohlins USA (www.ohlinsusa.com), and Yoyodyne (www.yoyodyneti.com).

SWIGZ is the world’s first dual hydration sports bottle allowing athletes to carry two drinks of their choice in a single bottle during workouts. SWIGZ sports bottles can be purchased at www.swigz.com. For more details of the SWIGZ.COM Pro Racing team and exciting on-board videos, visit www.chipyates.com and www.youtube.com/chipyates.

TTXGP Official Websites: www.egrandprix.com and www.mavizen.com

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Electric Motorcycle Racing To Take Center Stage

Electric Motorcycle Racing To Take Center Stage


Gizmag reported a while ago that plans to establish several electric motorcycle (or ecycle) races world-wide are in the works.

Thanks to the success of the Isle of Man Grand Prix on June 12, which took place in conjunction with the TTXGP, there’s to be a world championship, feeder series in the UK and United States, a UKP10,000 Technical Package for teams, and the likelihood that a complete electric racing bike will be on the market in Q1, 2010 for under $40,000.

TTXGP founder Azhar Hussain was been sanctioned by the FIM (the governing body for motorcycle racing) to create a world championship in 2010.

Hussain is working to create a five-race global series with rounds in Europe, Asia and the Americas. He’s also working on a four-round U.K. National series and a three-round American National series for 2010. A technology starter pack will be available later this year – the UKP 10,000 kit will include an AGNI electric racing motor, race batteries, controllers and all electronics – the team just needs to add their own frame and running gear.

The new championship will be run inside the FIM Road Racing Grand Prix Commission.

To read more, see Gizmag’s article, Electric Motorcycle World, U.S. and U.K. Championships for 2010.

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TTX01 Tested at Zolder Circuit in Belgium

TTX01 Tested at Zolder Circuit in Belgium


Isle of Man (May 12, 2009) — Istle of Man TTXGP motorcycle green grand prix founder Azhar Hussain Hussain test-rode its e-cycle, the TTX01, at the Zolder circuit in Belgium (an undulating 4.011 km (2.492-mile) track), where pro riders Werner Daemen (in photo) and Didier de Radigues test rode it. Daemen rides for Team BMW Motorrad and Radigues is a four time grand prix winner.

The TTX01 is a prototype of a bike Hussain hopes to start selling in 2010. He took a Suzuki GSX-R750 frame and outfitted it with air-cooled Agni Lynch electric motors and a 4.3 kilowatt-hour battery pack.



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Brammo Entry Isle of Man Grand Prix

Brammo Entry Isle of Man Grand Prix


Brian Wismann, team manager for Brammo Inc., created the concept behind the company’s new electric racing motorcycle. Wismann said the bike will have a top speed of at least 100 mph.

In June, representatives from two Ashland electric vehicle companies will travel to the Isle of Man, midway between England and Ireland, to race against each other — and about 20 other competitors.

Brammo Inc. and Barefoot Motors each are developing an electric motorcycle they plan to race in the Time Trials Xtreme Grand Prix, scheduled for June 12. Only clean-emission motorcycles will be allowed to race in the TTXGP, the world’s first carbon-free grand prix.

Brammo engineers are developing a motorcycle based on the company’s Enertia model. Adjustments to the motorcycle’s battery pack, motor and bodywork will allow the new model to go about twice as fast — hitting speeds of at least 100 mph, said Brian Wismann, Brammo’s team manager for the race.

Barefoot Motors, which makes electric all-terrain vehicles, is creating a motorcycle for the race by updating the technology it uses to make its four-wheeled vehicles. The company doesn’t plan to start manufacturing motorcycles, however.

The Isle of Man course, a 37.7-mile route with more than 200 turns, is notoriously dangerous. More than 200 people have died during races or practices on the course since 1911, when it first was used for competition.

Brammo has hired semiprofessional rider Roy Richardson, who has competed on the course before.

Barefoot Motors has hired professional rider Chris Petty, who also has raced on the Isle of Man before. Schless, a licensed American Motorcycle Association rider, has created the company’s bike to be as safe as possible, said Bob Acheson, finance manager for the company.

Both companies will post updates from team members before and after the race on their Web sites, brammo.com and barefootmotors.com.

Although Brammo and Barefoot Motors are practically neighbors, both companies are planning to travel thousands of miles to essentially spy on — and compete against — each other and similar companies.

“This is only one solution to building a bike for this race,” Wismann said. “One of the reasons we’re going is to see what our competitors are up to.”

Since both companies hail from Ashland, the competition between the two will be especially intense, Bieschin said.

Source: Mailtribune

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Organizing the First Zero-Carbon Grand Prix

Organizing the First Zero-Carbon Grand Prix


England — The law firm Eversheds has been appointed as the sole adviser to the TIXGP, the organiser of the world’s first zero-carbon grand prix, which will take place on the Isle of Man TT circuit in June 2009.

They are advising the TIXGP on all aspects of the race, from a legal standpoint, including sponsorship, staging, merchandising, and broadcast rights.

“There are some complicated IP issues around the use of the TT marks,” poinrted out Phil Sherrell. “There’s ­corporate work to do on investment into the race and the usual licensing stuff such as T-shirts and broadcast rights.”

This carbon-free event at the race is expected to be successful – as the race already has over 20 entrants. The motorcyles in the race can use electric power, fuel cells or non-carbon fuel.

TTXGP is also the manufacturer of the world’s fastest clean energy motorbike, which can reach speeds of 125 miles per hour, called the TTX01. The cycle is powered by two electric motors.

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Time Trials Xtreme Grand Prix – TTXGP

Time Trials Xtreme Grand Prix – TTXGP


Kingston electric TT bike nears completion

The Isle of Man hosts the most famous road race for motorcycles in the world. Indeed, teams from all over the world compete in Time Trials Grand Prix, or TTXGP as it is known.

The 2009 version, to be held on June 12, is being hailed as the first “zero emissions” Grand Prix. The motorcycles involved will be electric, not gasoline powered.

A team of six final-year students, currently studying for a BEng in Motorcycle Engineering Design at Kingston University (England), are developing their own entry.

The design specification is for a motorcycle that will average 80mph around the 38 mile track. That’s thirty-eight miles with the cycles going at top speeds.

The Kingston group currently are working with a ‘mule’ bike, from which they are evaluating the innovative design solutions and theoretical calculations they’ve made for their offering.

The “fastest woman around the Isle of Man circuit,” Maria Costello has signed up to ride their bike, as she intends to be the one to win this landmark race!

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Mission One Takes on TTXGP

Mission One Takes on TTXGP


The Isle of Man Time Trials Extreme Grand Prix (TTXGP) will be held on June 12, 2009. (Rules and regulations together with team registration details can be found at www.ttxgp.com) The Grand Prix, a little over 33 miles in length, takes place on public roads. It is the oldest motor-cycle racing circuit still in use.

Among the participants this year is American company Mission Motors. Their Mission One electric motorcycle is claimed to be the fastest on the market, with a top speed of 150mph, a range of 150 miles and a recharge time of only two hours.

The Mission One has a high energy lithium-ion battery pack, adjustable regenerative braking (this recoups energy which otherwise is wasted during deceleration) and a wireless computer link which provides ride data.

Mission Motors hopes that with an excellent performance at the TTXGP, they will be able to sell 50 limited-edition Mission One bikes, with upgraded equipment, for delivery in 2010, followed by 250 lower-spec Mission One bikes, also in 2010.

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