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Car Safety Onus is on Cyclists

Car Safety Onus is on Cyclists

There was a report in the San Francisco Streetsblog, about a “nasty collision between a bicyclist and an SUV driver in Golden Gate Park Wednesday.”

According to the article, the driver of the SUVwas attempting to make a U-turn (illegal, in the place he was trying to do it), and since it was an SUV, didn’t have the turning radius to pull it off, so he had to back up a bit. Which he did without bothering to look if anyone was behind him.

The result, a bicyclist – fortunately wearing a helmet – collided with the SUV and actually went through the rear window. An ambulance was called and he was taken away in a neckbrace.

The driver of the SUV apparently did not receive a ticket, and will not be punished for causing an accident with a bicyclist.

Most car drivers are not ticketed, or held accountable, when they cause an accident with bicyclists, and the frequency of accidents is increasing.

Read this article entitled Blaming Cyclists for Dangerous Roads: It Goes Way Back.

All this goes to show that as bicyclists, we must ride defensively at all times, and always yield to cars regardless of whether or not they have the right of way. Suing a driver who caused an accident, and receiving a multi-million dollar payout in a lawsuit is scant consolation if involved in an accident which renders one quadrapalegic!

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Bixi Bike Share Bikes in San Francisco

Bixi Bike Share Bikes in San Francisco


San Francisco, California — On August 2, 2009, hundreds of people test-rode the Bixi bike share bikes from Montreal at Golden Gate Park.

The Brandenburger Foundation, based in Los Angeles, was there with its solar-powered portable bike station and seven bikes.

“I think it’s better than any of the other (bike share) models I’ve seen today,” said Bert Hill, who teaches urban cycling classes at the SFBC. “It’s obviously going to have trouble on California Street, or something like that, no doubt about it, but I was just trying it on a little hill here and I was in third and not even straining.”

The Bixi bikes, which weight 30 pounds, look like an electric bike, because of the internal breaking system. They have 3 speeds, “tires made for the urban jungle,” and adjustable seats typical of most bike share bikes.

Read the complete article at Bixi Bike Share Demonstration

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