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Ebike In Bermuda

Ebike In Bermuda

Islanders can now cruise Bermuda with ease on whisper quiet, easy-to-operate and environmentally friendly hybrid electric bicycles now being offered at Elbow Beach Cycles. The livery has purchased 40 hybrid electric bicycles, which are available for rent by both visitors to the island and locals. Located on the Elbow Beach Hotel property on South Shore Road in Paget, Elbow Beach Cycles is the only company on the island to rent advanced pedelec hybrid electric bicycles.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer hybrid electric bicycles for rent as they really do offer the best of both worlds,” said Dudley Thomas, Director-At-Large & VP Business Development of Elbow Beach Cycles. “Riders enjoy all the advantages of a regular bicycle including fun, exercise and zero emissions, but when they get tired or could use help getting up the steep hills in Bermuda, the Freedom bikes provide the extra power needed to make the ride comfortable. …”

Elbow Beach Cycles offers a wide range of rental options for the two hybrid electric bicycle models it carries – the Freedom and the Freedom Sport – for the same price as its traditional pedal bikes, which start at $29 for three hours and go up to $395 per month.

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Hybrid electric bicycles now available in Bermuda

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