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Organizing the First Zero-Carbon Grand Prix

Organizing the First Zero-Carbon Grand Prix


England — The law firm Eversheds has been appointed as the sole adviser to the TIXGP, the organiser of the world’s first zero-carbon grand prix, which will take place on the Isle of Man TT circuit in June 2009.

They are advising the TIXGP on all aspects of the race, from a legal standpoint, including sponsorship, staging, merchandising, and broadcast rights.

“There are some complicated IP issues around the use of the TT marks,” poinrted out Phil Sherrell. “There’s ­corporate work to do on investment into the race and the usual licensing stuff such as T-shirts and broadcast rights.”

This carbon-free event at the race is expected to be successful – as the race already has over 20 entrants. The motorcyles in the race can use electric power, fuel cells or non-carbon fuel.

TTXGP is also the manufacturer of the world’s fastest clean energy motorbike, which can reach speeds of 125 miles per hour, called the TTX01. The cycle is powered by two electric motors.

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