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Electric Motion Systems Sells E-bikes

Electric Motion Systems Sells E-bikes

Leesburg, VA — “The big advantage you have with an E+ Bike is it allows the average person to get out there and enjoy bicycling and the environment without having to put all the effort into it,” Ric Ruggiero, Electric Motion System’s production manager, said. “It allows you to get out there and use the throttle instead of the pedals to accelerate. With other systems, you have to pedal to generate the motion.”

E+ Bikes is Electric Motion Systems’ brand for the bicycle market. The company, located in Dulles, specializes in light electric vehicles, with a focus on bicycles since they are “the easiest platforms to convert into electric vehicles,” according to Ruggiero.

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E+ Bike Offers Environmental Alternative

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Check Out An Ebike Conversion Kit

Check Out An Ebike Conversion Kit

The E-BikeKit bike conversion system includes a wheel with a 500 amp hub motor, a 36v LiFePO4 battery and all of the hardware needed to install it. The best part is that the user can attach it to whatever bike they already know and love, whether it is a mountain bike, cruiser or recumbent.

The company claims that installing the irkit is simple enough for anyone to handle, but for the mechanically un-inclined, bike shops will do the deed for around $100.

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Electric Bike Conversion Kit Gives You DIY E-Bike For About A Grand

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Electric Bike Sales Picking Up in Brisbane

Electric Bike Sales Picking Up in Brisbane


Brisbane, Australia — The sales for electric-powered bicycles and scooters in Brisbane have been slow, but Nope electric scooter and bicycle importer Harry Samson of Brisbane expects those sales to start growing by leaps and bounds.

“In 1997 they sold 98,000 electric bikes and scooters in China. Last year it was 25┬ámillion and they’re sending bike shops broke,” he said.

In Australia, those individuals who want electric-powered bikes do not want for choice, but there are only a few scooters and, as yet, no motorcycles.

Bike conversion kits are also available, such as the eLation system from Queensland.

The only electric scooters on the market are three Nope scooters. EVT offers two scooters, which are limited to 50km/h. There is also the Vectrix maxi-scooter.

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