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New Book on Electric Bikes Published in December

New Book on Electric Bikes Published in December

London, England — David Henshaw and Richard Peace have written Electric Bicycles , which was published in December, just in time for the Christmas trade.

David Henshaw is the co-publisher of A to B Magazine, the subscription-only publication specialising in folding bikes from its foundation in 1997 but, for a number of years, also featuring electric bikes.

Richard Peace, a former lawyer, is the founder of Excellent Books, a publisher and wholesaler of bicycle books.

The Electric Bicycles book is a 256-page, full-colour A4 book on the history of electric bikes as well as how to choose the best bikes.

Read the complete article at:
Electric Bicycles: the book

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Introducing The X-Treme XB-305Li Electric Mountain Bike

Introducing The X-Treme XB-305Li Electric Mountain Bike

Press Release: South Pasadena, CA, December 06, 2010 –(PR.com)– UrbanScooters.com is now selling the X-Treme XB-305Li Electric Mountain Bike. The XTreme XB-305Li electric bicycle is a starting level, out-of-the-box electric bike. It’s nearly a carbon copy of the X-Treme XB-300Li, but with an easily accessed, step through frame. The X-Treme XB-305Li comes with a 300 watt hub motor, powered by state of the art, uber light, lithium ion batteries that come in handy when you want additional power, or to just take a rest. You can pedal with no power, run by electric power only, or pedal with power on demand. The XB-305Li electric bike comes with high quality components like Lightweight Lithium Ion Batteries, a 7-Speed Shimano Tourney® Gear & Shifter System and RST Capa® T7 front hydraulic shocks. The XB-350Li electric mountain bike also is packed with standard features, including; a smart charger, a front light, a fully adjustable seat, key ignition, horn, bell, battery indicator, rear cargo rack, and a tool kit. The “electric bicycle” classification allows you to ride the XB-305Li electric bicycle and any other X-Treme electric bikes without any insurance, registration, or a driver’s license in most states (please make sure to contact your local DMV and check local laws before purchasing X-Treme electric bikes). The X-Treme XB-305Li electric mountain bike is silent, environmentally safe and costs only pennies a day to charge it.

For more info about the XB-305Li from X-Treme Scooters, visit; http://urbanscooters.com/cgi-bin/urbanscooters/XB-305LI.html
XB-305Li Specifications:
- Speed: 20 mph
- Range: 15-20 miles on a single charge with the option to pedal for greater range.
- Motor: 300 watt brushless hub motor, located in the center of the rear wheel.
- Frame: Lightweight 100% aluminum alloy 18” easy access step-through frame. RST Capa® T7 front hydraulic shocks.
- Drive System: No chains or belts required, and the motor is in the hub of the rear wheel. Seven Speed Shimano Tourney® Gears & Shifter. Variable speed twist throttle.
- Battery: 24 volt Lightweight Lithium Ion Batteries in a Sealed Removable Pack. Key lock for security. (Seven 3.6v, 8ah batteries total)
- Charge Time: 1 – 3 hours
- Brakes: Front and rear disk brakes
- Dimensions: Length 72 inches, Width at handlebars 25 inches, Height 42 inches
- Weight: 52 lbs.
- Carrying Capacity: 300 lbs.
- Tires: 26″ x 1.95″ pneumatic off road tires on aluminum wheels.
- X-Treme XB-305Li Warranty: Free upgrade from 90 days to 6 months on the XB-305Li manufacturer’s warranty, including priority service and lifetime technical support.

Standard Features:
- Key ignition
- Fully adjustable seat (37 3/4” to 45 3/4”)
- Headlight
- Horn & Bell
- Battery indicator
- Smart charger
- Rear cargo rack

About UrbanScooters.com
America’s #1 online destination for comparison shopping on top quality, brand name products from X-Treme Scooters, Go-Ped, Zap, Crystalyte and more.

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The Importance of E-bike Popularity in China

The Importance of E-bike Popularity in China

The New Yorker magazine recently published a letter from a reader in China, who said:

In the chaotic ecosystem of Chinese roadways, the electric bike fits in right where the infernal moped might have once hoped to go, as a stepping stone for growing families or a low-cost option for commuters.

For anyone who has not been to China, it is easy to lose sight of just how big a deal this is: China has twenty-five million cars, but it has four times as many e-bikes. It is hard to overstate the impact of that when you wonder how China could possibly continue down the path to car-saturation. (Consider: Were China to end up with the same density of cars as that of the U.S. today, it would mean nine hundred and seventy million cars in China—fifty per cent more than the entire worldwide car fleet in 2003.)

To read the complete letter, check out Join the Turtle King Revolution.

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Commuters and the Ebike

Commuters and the Ebike

California – Brent Meyers, director of sales for Ultra Motor US, says electric bikes attract different types of buyers.

Many are looking to make a green imprint.

Some are “active adults” who have ridden bicycles for years who — as they get older — are unable to do the same kind of riding they did when they were young.

Other buyers want to ride their bikes to work quickly — and avoid entering the offfice drenched in sweat.

Ultra Motor US sees its strongest sales when the price of oil skyrockets, says Meyers.

Read the complete article at Will e-bikes be the new ‘commuter cool’?

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China’s Love Affair With The E-Bike

China’s Love Affair With The E-Bike


Shanghai, China — China is considered to be the world’s bicycle kingdom , because one of every three inhabitants rides a bicycle.

And more and more of them are riding e-bikes, from workers tired of jam-packed public transport, to those tired of pedaling long distances to work. Even some who can afford cars are takig to ebikes to avoid traffic jams and expensive gasoline.

Thirty years ago, practically no one in China owned a car and bicycling was the only way to get around. Today, it still has 430 million bicycles by government count, outnumbering electric bikes and scooters 7-1.

But production of the electric two-wheelers has increased from fewer than 200,000 eight years ago to 22 million last year, mostly for the domestic market. The industry estimates about 65 million are on Chinese roads.

Read the complete article at:
Commuters switch on to electric power as bicycles get an update

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Ebike Hub Motor with Integrated 3-Speed

Ebike Hub Motor with Integrated 3-Speed


FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – At Eurobike in September, the Canadian company BionX, which is a spin of company of auto parts giant Magna International that took over car maker Opel in Germany earlier this week, presented its BionX PL250HT motor with integrated SRAM 3-speed gear hub.

Their press release said: “With the use of e-Bikes and pedelecs growing rapidly in cities and the demand for a ‘care-free’ product adapted for personal and rental use increasing, BionX gave its two R&D Teams based in Canada and Austria the task of developing the ultimate care-free product that uses both BionX technology and a new SRAM 3 speeds hub.

“The fusion of BionX’s new SinDrive technology motor and the SRAM hub has created a high performance rear propulsion system that is silent, smooth, easy to use, and perfect for anyone who wants to ride without having to adjust, clean and lubricate external gears.

“We developed this product to target individual commuters, large cities rental programs, communities and business use like postal and police services, in using our proven BionX technology. We were looking at the ideal partner to launch it together with us and naturally opted for Trek thanks to their in depth involvement with BionX in their European and more recently North American ‘powered by BionX’ pedelec programs, together with our common wishes to build the ultimate care free products in using a rear propulsion system, dedicated for city users.”

See the complete article at Bike Europe.

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Introducing Hebb E-Bikes

Introducing Hebb E-Bikes


Summit County, Colorado — Bill Hebb, a native of Tyler, Texas who lives part-time in Summit Cove, started Hebb E-Bikes just a little over a year ago.

There are many reasons why people would want to own an electric bike. “When the wind’s blowing hard, the e-bike comes in handy,” pointed out Hebb. There are also just a few hills in Summit County that are a lot easier to ascend with an e-bike – for example Swan Mountain Road or Boreas Pass.

His e-bike uses a lithium-ion battery to power the front wheel motor and are inexpensive to operate. They produce no emissions, unlike gasoline powered scooters. And of course, cyclists can pedal without using the motor, if they so choose.

The motor produces about 350 watts of power — or about 0.5 horsepower. The bikes Hebb sells have a solid aluminum construction frame, an internal gear shifter, and a rear carrier, speedometer and odometer. The bike weighs 60 pounds.

The e-bike is built for comfort rather than speed. These bikes are designed for commuters looking for alternative transportation, baby boomers, and those people who want to bike up and down hills but aren’t in good enough shape yet to do it.

Hebb’s bikes are on sale at Alpine Sports in Breckenridge as well as Christy Sports in Frisco, Vail and Avon for $2,000 a piece. The bikes are also for sale in parts of California, Texas and the East Coast.

Find out more about Hebb’s e-bikes at www.hebbebikes.com

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What Defines A Bicycle in Ottawa?

What Defines A Bicycle in Ottawa?


Ottawa, Canada — The Ontario government has concluded a three-year study on “What is a bicycle?”

On Oct. 2, 2006, the Ministry of Transportation embarked on a pilot project to evaluate electric bicycles. For the trial period, they would be regulated like ordinary bicycles, with slight exceptions.

Anyone over the age of 16, with a helmet, could ride these battery-powered two-wheelers, with a speed restriction of 32 km/h.

No driver’s licence required, no insurance, no vehicle plate.

However, the E-bikes suddenly morphed into scooters. Then scooters turned into little motorcycles but, because they have working pedals, restricted speeds and small motors, they still qualify as bicycles in the eyes of the law.

Vespa-style scooters are powered by gas and capable of normal speeds on urban roadways. But in the eyes of the law — at least for now — these ebike-cum-scooters are still considered bicycles, with little regulatory oversight. (And they dont’ go quite as fast as a Vespa.)

The National Capital Commission, which runs one of the most extensive pathway systems in Canada, was initially confused about how to categorize these vehicles.

In August, the NCC’s initial response was to prohibit electric bikes from its 180 kilometres of recreational pathways. Now, upon review, it has permitted the e-bikes on the paths while it monitors developments.

Retailers report sales of the electric bikes or scooters are brisk, and new shops are being founded all the time.

Ebikes start roughly at $1,500, with scooters often in the $2,500 range.

There are many potential markets. Commuters who want an easier trip to work in summer. Teenagers who can’t afford a motorcycle or insurance. Older people who need a little assistance to prolong their cycling days.

Impaired drivers who’ve lost their licences and need another way to get around, cannot use an ebike, however.

The government is still reviewing what to do with electric scooters. “The Bill’s proposed regulation-making powers to define further operating requirements may or may not impact e-bikes that resemble scooters,” the ministry said in an e-mail response.

“Safety concerns primarily associated with scooter style e-bikes (e.g.; size, weight, braking, operation, enforcement, noiselessness) persist and, therefore, a final decision has not yet been made.”

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Colorado Commuters Save Money with Electric Bikes

Colorado Commuters Save Money with Electric Bikes


Denver, Colorado — If you fit a couple of simple criteria, an electric bicycle mighthelp you make ends meet in these tough economic times.

Bruce Campbell of Green Machines, Inc. proudly shows off the IZIP electric bike.

Work downtown? Pay to park and live within 10 miles of your office? Exchange the car for en electric bike and you can save the $200 to $300 a month you spend on parking and gas. Over the course of three or four months – your ebike will have paid for itself.

There are a few ebike retailers in the metro area including Bird RV in Aurora, the Electric Bike Shop in Castle Rock, Green Machines in Edgewater, as well as Boulder and Longmont.

“You have two different modes of propulsion,” explained Bruce Campbel, owner of Green Machines (5217 W. 25th Ave). “On some models you can go on power alone, without having to pedal, or you have the choice of pedaling and using less power. Other models you have to pedal but as soon as you start a sensor notices the motion and assists you.”

“It’ll go 13 to 15 mph under it’s own power, which is a fairly typical bicycle speed,” he said. “Right now I am only selling new bikes that are all electric. I do have some used bikes for resale.” Campbell accepts bike donations as well and fixes them up, donating any proceeds to charity. “It’s more of a charitable contribution to the recycling effort – just to try and stay green.”

The new bikes come in a range of models and power levels starting with the IZIP, which retails for $499 plus shipping and taxes. “The mid-range is roughly $799 to $875 and the high end is from about $1,799 up to $3,000 for the real top of the line. It’s a monster – a really great bike.”

For people with medical conditions that limit their abilities, the hybrids are a dream come true.

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British Columbia Gets on the Electric Bike Express

British Columbia Gets on the Electric Bike Express


North Vancouver, British Columbia — People who want to see the North Shore hills closer than by car now have a chance with an electric bicycle.

“Vancouver has been leading the electric bike market,” said Philipp Annen, president and CEO of Electric Coast. He estimates that about 20,000 B.C. residents ride an electric bike or scooter and that in North Vancouver, two-thirds (of electric bike users) are riding power-assisted bicycles:.

While the electric bike can keep older riders in the saddle for longer, Annen said it’s popular with commuters who like “getting to work with less effort or getting to work faster.”

Source: North Shore Outlook
Photo by Kelly McManus

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Saving Money, Saving the Environment

Saving Money, Saving the Environment


ECOPEDTORONTO — a division of Midland International Inc, released the City45 E-bike exclusively in Wal-Mart stores this week. The City45, a 500W electric power assisted bicycle, is the second generation of e-bikes released by Ecoped and has been improved for increased reliability, smoother and quieter rides, and aesthetic customization. Much sleeker than its parent, the Hybrid 45e, the City45e can travel up to 60km on a single charge making it an ideal solution for students and commuters traveling short distances.

“What’s amazing about the Ecoped City45 is that it is a one-time purchase; when you purchase a moped, you have to pay for the moped, then pay for gas, and then pay for insurance. When you buy an Ecoped, you just need to pay for the Ecoped. You don’t pay for gas, you don’t pay for insurance, and you don’t pay for parking. With this product, you may even be eligible for a government tax credit.

All you need is to be over 16 years old, wear a DOT approved helmet, and you can ride the City45 anywhere a bicycle can. You save yourself the hassle a motorized vehicle, or scooter would give you, while giving a little back to the environment” said Jonathan Cho, one of the representatives from Ecoped.

The City45 features a 500W brushless motor with front and rear brake drums, and rear electronic ABS brakes. Reaching a top speed of 32 km/hr the City45 charges in 6-8 hrs and can travel between 50-60km/charge, which translates to less than one cent per 10 kilometers. The e-bike also features LED headlights, tail lights, and turn lights, and can carry a combined passenger and cargo weight of 125kg.

The City45 weighs only 65kg, 20kg less than the Hybrid 45e and 15kg less than the competitors, and measures 1090mm (H) x 620mm (W) x 1870mm (L). It is currently available in most Wal-Mart locations across Canada and can be found for purchase for approximately $998.00. Find more information on the City45e at ecoped.ca

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Cardiff Plans Sustainable Travel

Cardiff Plans Sustainable Travel


The city of Cardiff has been selected to become Wales’ first “sustainable travel town” by the assembly government.

The scheme, which is estimated to cost about £28.5m, aims to provide free cycle hire, bus travel around the city centre, and improved bike and walking routes. Funding will be dispersed from various sources over the next two years.

If the scheme is successful, it could be repeated in other areas of Wales.

The plans will see free circular bus shuttles introduced in the city centre, a free bike hire scheme, new park and ride facilities in Pentwyn to serve the east side of the city and measures to tackle congestion. THere will also be a pedestrian and cycle bridge across the Ely river between Cardiff’s sports village and Penarth.

Commuter levels in and around Cardiff have increased significantly over the past few years. 210,000 people travel into the city on a daily basis, and the goal of course is to reduce their carbon footprint.

Improvements to the infrastructure will include better bus lanes and the future pedestrianisation of High Street and St Mary Street.

There will also be incentives to travel sustainably, car clubs, journey sharing schemes and free bike hire.

“We have become far too reliant on using the car and we need to consider alternative, greener ways to travel,” said Jane Davidson, minister for the environment and sustainability.

The Welsh are following the lead that the city of Copenhagen took a decade ago, when their car traffic was the same as what Cardiff has now. “Now, over a third of all commuting journeys in the Danish capital are by bike. Cardiff has the potential to achieve the same. “

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Best Buy to Sells Brammo Electric Motorcycles

Best Buy to Sells Brammo Electric Motorcycles


Starting in May, 2009,  at five stores on the West Coast, Best Buy will be selling the Brammo Enertia, an all-electric motorcycle.

The Brammo Enertia is expected to retail for about $12,000.

Attendees at the Pacific Crest Clean Technology Conference listened to Brammo CEO Craig Bramscher as he informed them that the bikes’ electronics components include a built-in Web server, open-platform software applications, and possible add-ons like onboard cameras that could download images to travel blogs. “What we’re selling is a lot closer to consumer electronics than to transportation,” he said.

The Enertia has a bank of six lithium phosphate batteries. Charging takes three hours on a standard electrical outlet and should yield a range of about 45 miles. It costs about 40 cents per charge or about 1 cent per mile to keep the Enertia running.

The bike has a maximum speed of 53 miles per hour, so it is highway-legal, making it a viable option for commuters. In addition, Brammo  is working on a two-seater model with a range of about 100 miles and a cruising speed of 75 miles per hour.  The company also expects to sale that bike through Best Buy.

Who is going to do the maintenance of tires, brakes, and electronic components? Why, the Geek Squad workers – using suitable car A/V installation bays.

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Bikes With Buzz: Retailer Carves Out Green Niche

Bikes With Buzz: Retailer Carves Out Green Niche


There’s a new game in Detroit town, and a major player is eCo Wheelz. That’s an electric bike retailer in downtown Plymouth who believe that consumers in the tri-state area are primed and ready to start replacing their gas guzzling – not to mention money devouring – cars with the much more efficient electric bikes.

Electric bicycles have been used by commuters in China, Europe and Japan for decades – indeed, they have entire transport systems designed around this type of transport, but of course they’ve been slow to take off in the United States. The first US states to get involved were the sunshine-drenched ones of Florida and California, but now they are – very gradually – expanding into the rest of the country.

Most electric bikes don’t look any different than a non-electric bike. Indeed, you’d probably need to give the bike a second look to notice the battery, motor and throttle. Early models have a removable battery that you put on and take off the bike, the newer versions have the battery built right into the frame.

Because it’s a bike, riders can pedal it and have no fear that they’ll be stranded far from home with a dead battery, on the other hand they need have no fear of hills because all they have to do is kick on the throttle and let the motor do all the work

Federal law limits electric bikes to 20 mph. With that speed limitation, they can be ridden wherever regular bikes are used.

In 2008, Electric Bikes Worldwide Reports stated that more than 170,000 electric bikes were sold throughout the U.S., and sales are expected to increase by 30 percent in 2009.

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