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Millions of Electric Bikes Need Batteries

Millions of Electric Bikes Need Batteries


Millions of Chinese commuters are acquiring electric bikes, which is benefiting the Chisen Electric Corporation immensely.

Chisen (formerly World Trophy Outfitters, Inc.) is one of China’s leading lead-acid motive battery makers, which they make for the most part for for the electric bicycle market.

The company recently released its third fiscal quarter report which showed booming sales, over 35% from the same quarter last year.

Chisen has the overall goal of becoming the largest battery producer in China. The company, founded in 2002, has over 1500 employees, among them some of the leading scientists in the field.

Chisen’s “green” batteries — a designation they were given at this past summer’s Olympic Games — currently permit driving ranges of from 45 to 70 kilometers, with a wide range of power, and can run for up to 145 minutes after charging for about 10 hours.

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