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Art Center Summit Expanding Vision of Sustainable Mobility

Art Center Summit Expanding Vision of Sustainable Mobility


For three days, from February 17-19, 2009, designers and other people from all over the world presented sustainable transportation solutions that ranged from designing plastic bicycles to making entire cities that use energy efficiently, at the Pasadena Convention Center
Pasadena, CA. See the website with video from the show at: http://www.artcenter.edu/summit/

Many of the designers (and their companies) talked about electric cars, but the electric bicycle did get a mention.

Art Center student Gabriel Wartofsky has come up with a “Little Blue Bike” which is a take on Santa Monica’s Big Blue Bus transit system. It’s a collapsible electric bike system that riders would use to get to and from public transportation hubs. At the bus stop, the bike would collapse to form part of a bench, on which one would sit to wait for the Big Blue Bus. The only problem would be …you’ve guessed it, preventing people from stealing the bikes. More on his idea can be read here: http://kcet.org/local/blogs/404_city/2009/02/investing-in-yourself.html

Intrago displayed a few of its electric bikes and the self-charging electric bike racks to which you lock them . The idea is to offer easy-to-rent bicycles or even Segway human transporters at resorts, universities, corporate campuses and other locations. Each bike has a GPS chip and a short-range wireless transmitter to send its location back to the kiosk – which may help prevent them being stolen.

Their website is at : www.intragomobility.com. “Personal electric vehicle systems: rental management systems for the real world.” And they are seeking investors.

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