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Move It, Move It With The Urban Mover

Move It, Move It With The Urban Mover


London, UK – The Urban Mover is a pedelec – it only supplies power when the cyclist is pedaling.

It retails for £1149.

The bike consists of an aluminium frame and suspension fork to house the power system — a 37v, 200W brushless hub motor in the rear wheel and a 9aH Panasonic Li-Ion battery which slots in behind the seat tube. Full mudguards, a chainguard and a rack included.

There’s a suspension seatpost and adjustable stem, and a Shimano Altus seven speed drivetrain. Tektro V brakes do the stopping, mated to levers that cut the power when you haul on the anchors.

Read the complete review of this bike at Road.cc.

Or visit the bike manufacturer’s website at www.halfords.com.

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China Leads The Way

China Leads The Way


In the last few years, the people of China have been experiencing a widespread increase in per capita income. Rather than purchasing cars, the majority of people have been purchasing electric bikes.

Twenty-one million electric bikes were purchased in China in 2008, compared with just under ten million cars.

E-bike models typically cost around $300 US. Because the bikes are practically silent and emit no odors (let alone pollution), they are popular alternatives to motor scooters and motorcycles.

Motorcycles and other variants on small personal transportation units are popular in China as well, and allow riders to go at a higher speed. In order to combat this need for speed, the government has imposed taxes and fees which result in a significant cost difference.  Most people therefore opt for the more inexpensive option.

Recently, battery giant Advanced Battery Tech (ABAT) acquired e-bike manufacturer Wuxi Angell, which has sent its stock skyrocketing.

ABAT is set to increase production capacity and tighten cost controls to take full advantage of China’s e-bike boom.

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