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The Electric Motocycle Is Now

The Electric Motocycle Is Now


New York — Cars and trucks are reducing their fuel usage and converting to electric power. Motorcycles will be following suit – in particular because motorcycles pollute more than regular cars do.

You can find plenty of examples of home-built and independent production electric motorcycles on the internet and at small dealers nationwide. However, none of these are ready for mass-production quite yet.

However, just as gasoline powered engine technology has improved over the years, so will electric motor technology. Motorcyclists will embrace these noiseless motorcycles, once they arrive.

There’s quite a bit to like about electrics in motorcycles. For one, the torque of an electric motor is seamless, and acceleration is very fast. Recently, the “Killabike,” an all-electric drag bike, ripped through the quarter mile at 155 miles per hour. (Check out the video of this on YouTube.)

Honda expects to bring a viable production electric motorcycle to light in 2011 or 2012.


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