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New Zealand, New Technology

New Zealand, New Technology


New Zealand – Ron Jarvis and his business partner Ricahrd Boyer are the owners of Ecogo, a Christchurch-based business. They sell their brand name bike, the Ecogo, which they have manufactured in China.

The bicycle is heavier (23.7kg with battery) than the carbon-fibre and aluminum bicycle most people are used to riding. The Ecogo cycle’s electric brushless motor is hidden inside the rear hub.

It has three modes, which are selected through a switch next to the throttle lever on the handlebar: pedal assist (in which the motor helps out with the pedaling), neutral (in which the rider does all the work) or automatic (where the motor does all the work).

The Ecogo cycle has a claimed top speed of 25kmh. When using the pedal assist mode, the motor will last for 65km on a single charge.

Because of its 200W motor, the Ecogo is considered a bicycle and not a scooter, so no licence is needed.

Also available is a conversion kit ($1199 fitted), which includes a front wheel hub motor and a bracket- mounted battery, to retrofit a standard bicycle.

The Ecogo carries a 36-volt lithium-manganese battery, which slots in behind the bicycle’s down tube and powers the motor and front light and horn. Features vary on certain models of course. A mountain bike model ($2499) has a front disc brake, adjustable suspension forks, a cycle computer, and a carrier and LED gauge indicating the battery’s charge level.

This is where Ecogo feels its strongest: as a mode of transport for sight-seeing tourists who want to zip around inner city streets from attraction to attraction.

Visit Website: Ecogo

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