Remaining 2011 Schedule for the TTXGP

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TTXGP Euro Championship
Assen – 6/7 August 2011
Karlskoga – 3/4 September 2011
Le Mans – 23/24 September

eFXC/TTXGP Australian Championship
Winton Raceway – 2/4 September
Wakefield Park Raceway – 8/9 October

TTXGP Regulations
Motorcycles shall be powered without the use of carbon based fuels and having zero toxic/noxious emissions.

TTXGP Regulations
TTXGP technical regulations are mandatory. It is the responsibility of the team and rider to show that their entry complies to the regulations. Click here to download the TTXGP 2010 Rules.
TTXGP technical regulations relate specifically to those criteria that differ from, or are additional to, the technical regulations under which conventional petrol motorcycles would race.

All entrant must also comply to the sporting code, standing and supplementary race regulations of the event’s associated governing motorcycling body as stated.

TTXGP UK Championship Entry Requirements
To be accepted for entry within the TTXGP UK Championship, the bike and rider must comply with the ACU National Sporting Code, Standing Road Race Regulations and TTXGP supplementary race regulations.

Does my team have to have the same rider for each race?
No, but the rider must comply with the relevant FMN requirements for the race.

What type of teams enter TTXGP?
Teams entering the 2009 IOM TTXGP race came from corporate manufacturers of motorcycles and parts, universities and individual groups of enthusiasts. The teams came from all around the world, including USA, India, Austria, Germany, UK and a home based IOM team. Click here for more details on individual teams.

How many bikes can each team enter into TTXGP races?
Teams can enter any number of bikes to race in TTXGP races, however a TECHNICAL CONSTRUCTION FILE needs to be submitted and approved for each bike.

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