China’s EPA Subsidizes Electric Bikes


China’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is subsidizing a wide selection of electric bikes, including one they call a bike which is obviously a scooter – since it has no pedals. These pedal-less models go as fast as 40kph

Until Nov. 30 2010, residents of China who purchase an electric bike — with or without pedals — can apply for a one-time NT$3,000 subsidy from the EPA, officials said.

The EPA has given the subsidy to more than 36,000 owners of electric bicycles since 2001, said Yang Ching-shi, ­director-general of the EPA’s department of air quality protection and noise control.

With the new pedal-less models, the EPA expects to subsidize an additional 5,000 bicyclists each year, he said.

Although the pedal-bicycles are in actuality “light weight motorcycles”, operators will not need a license.

Consumers should consider buying an electric bike now, because the pedal-less models cost around NT$25,000 or NT$26,000, so the subsidy would mean a 10 percent discount, Yang said.

“The discount will be given at retailers, so consumers will be able to enjoy the benefits immediately. The retailers will then apply for the subsidy with us,” he said.

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