Business Schools Teach Marketing Plans for Ebikes

It’s a marketer’s dream: a product that frees consumers from rising gas prices and gridlocked traffic while cutting commuting costs. That’s why two teams of Fox MBAs presented ambitious marketing plans for the Banner Bike at the College of Engineering’s E2E Senior Design Day on Nov. 17, 2011.

The Banner Bike is the brainchild of Temple undergraduate engineers Tan Ha, Bayan Khalighi, Asish Mathew and Robert Stark. Their concept is simple: Bicycles make for great workouts but tiring commutes. Mopeds can be loud and use pricey gas. So the engineers envisioned a solution: a bike that could propel itself up hills and along streets without pedaling or using a drop of fuel.

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Fox School MBAs plan marketing campaign for pedal-charged electric bicycle

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