Best Buy to Sells Brammo Electric Motorcycles


Starting in May, 2009,  at five stores on the West Coast, Best Buy will be selling the Brammo Enertia, an all-electric motorcycle.

The Brammo Enertia is expected to retail for about $12,000.

Attendees at the Pacific Crest Clean Technology Conference listened to Brammo CEO Craig Bramscher as he informed them that the bikes’ electronics components include a built-in Web server, open-platform software applications, and possible add-ons like onboard cameras that could download images to travel blogs. “What we’re selling is a lot closer to consumer electronics than to transportation,” he said.

The Enertia has a bank of six lithium phosphate batteries. Charging takes three hours on a standard electrical outlet and should yield a range of about 45 miles. It costs about 40 cents per charge or about 1 cent per mile to keep the Enertia running.

The bike has a maximum speed of 53 miles per hour, so it is highway-legal, making it a viable option for commuters. In addition, Brammo  is working on a two-seater model with a range of about 100 miles and a cruising speed of 75 miles per hour.  The company also expects to sale that bike through Best Buy.

Who is going to do the maintenance of tires, brakes, and electronic components? Why, the Geek Squad workers – using suitable car A/V installation bays.

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