Austin, TX: Rocket Electrics Comes to Austin

Nicole Zinn knew she wanted to open an environmentally friendly business that fit into Austin’s Earth-friendly vibe.

When she stumbled across the concept of a bicycle equipped with an electric motor, she said, she knew she was onto something.

“Electric bikes are a good solution to get traffic out of the city,” Zinn said. “With the density of the population, it is easy to just hop on a bike and go.”

From that concept, Zinn in December opened Rocket Electrics, a business that sells and rents the electric bicycles.

The bikes can be ridden like a typical bike, but they are also equipped with a battery-powered electric motor, which is operated through a throttle on the right handlebar. When the throttle is engaged, a rider doesn’t have to use the pedals at all.

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Rocket Electrics looks to bring electric bikes into Austin mainstream

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